Local Competition Rules

General local Competition Information

To play in the Local competitions all players should be members of Braehead Curling Rink. This rule is relaxed in the Brechin & Allcomers, where only one player must be a member of The Curling Rink.  In the Mackenzie crook and The David Duncan competition, teams can consist of any 4 from a pool of 8 players.
In club competitions, an unlimited number of substitutes can be used subject to One member of the original line up playing in each consecutive round.
All games are played to 8 ends or the session time bell, unless an alternative rule is specifically detailed in the competitions rules or format set out by the organizers.

Tied Games
Where a game is tied, and a winner is required because the competition is at a knockout stage, the following rule applies:

  • An extra end shall be played if the ice technician agrees that there is time and no team is coming onto the ice in the next 20 minutes.
  • If the ice technician is unable to allow an extra end, then a draw shot challenge shall occur until conclusion.
  • In a Draw shot challenge teams may only sweep their own stones.


Late or Non Arrivals
We follow The RCCC Rules of Curling on this matter. A team not having its full complement of players ready to play at the start time is penalized as follows:-

  • After   5 minutes 1 shot  and 1 end
  • After 10 minutes 2 shots and 1 end
  • After 15 minutes 3 shots and 1 end
  • After 20 minutes 4 shots and 2 ends
For the avoidance of doubt, a team may play a full game with only 3 players but will forfeit 4 shots and 2 ends to the opposing team. A team with only 2 players will forfeit the game. The non offending team will receive 2 points, 5 ends and 5 shots and the offending team 0 points, 0 ends and minus 5 shots.
No player should take to the ice unless he is confident or at least hopeful of being able to play the full game. If it clear that a player who is already injured takes to the ice only to throw a couple of stones in the 1st end and then come off the ice for the remainder of the game then a penalty of 4 shots will apply.
Throughout all matters the spirit of Curling should apply and it is often possible to achieve some sort of compromise to enable games to proceed.

Organising Games
In the unlikely event that a team have exhausted all options to field a team and still require to change, it is the responsibility of that club to approach Braehead curling  office (explaining the reason for the proposed change) at the earliest opportunity to seek alternative dates.  A minimum of three dates should be offered to the opposing club, who should try to accommodate the request.  In league competitions, the rearranged tie must be completed before the date scheduled for the semi-final round.
In knockout stages, the rearranged tie must be completed before the date scheduled for the subsequent round. If the above cannot be achieved, the defaulting team will concede the tie and pay for any ice charges that may result.
For seeding in leagues and other formats the following in order are used unless otherwise specifically stated in the rules of the competition:
  • No of Points won
  • No of ends won
  • Net shots scored
  • Total shots scored


Details and additional Rules for Particular Competitions

The David Duncan
Wednesday evenings from September to February. Open to any 4 members of Braehead. The winners will be invited to represent Braehead in the National Super league finals the following season.
Mackenzie Crook Seniors League
Curlers must be over 50 at midnight on the 30th June prior to the start of the season.  Play is usually on Monday afternoon’s with a 12.10pm start and games will run from early October.
Waterfront Ladies
Object of this competition is to encourage lady curlers to improve their game.  No curler may skip who has previously skipped a winning team in any non club competition.  Any four lady members from one of the Braehead curling clubs.  Play is at 10am on Wednesdays from October through to December.
Broadway Ladies
If enough teams are entered then there will be two sections and the top 2 teams go forward to play in semi-finals and finals.  Play is at 10am on Wednesdays from January onwards.
Brechin and Allcomers
A one day competition, early in March. Maximum of 16 teams and Format is decided by organizing committee.  Usually 3 or 4 five end games, with a high road (Brechin Trophy) and low road (Allcomers Trophy) split after two games.

Jim MacDonald