Schools Coaching
The Braehead Curling Development Group offer the Curling's Cool Programme to Primary 6 and 7 Pupils.

​Benefits of participation in Curling’s Cool include:

  • Health & Fitness
  • Leadership development
  • Transferable skills; team work and communication
  • Lessons of endeavour, of winning and losing
  • Individual challenge
  • Building confidence
  • Improvement in social well-being
  • Sense of achievement
Curling’s Cool provides pupils with an introduction to curling through a dry-run visit to schools followed by 4 sessions on ice at a local rink. All sessions are led by qualified RCCC coaches who aim to provide all participants with a positive learning experience.
Coaches provide instruction and a variety of fun drills to teach pupils the basics of the game including:
  • Safety awareness
  • Delivery technique
  • Sweeping technique
  • Team communication skills
  • Tactics and basic shot signals
  • Game rules
On completion of the programme, each pupil receives a Curling’s Cool certificate and keepsake in recognition of their achievement in the sport.
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Jim MacDonald